Ladies and Gentlemen!

The first edition of this event, organized jointly with Wroclaw Medical University, will be devoted to using the most recent, innovative technological solutions in prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

We will await you in Wroclaw on 8 June 2018. The open, academic “city of one hundred bridges” serves as a perfect background for our meeting – as we want to build even more bridges – connecting the worlds of clinicians, scientists, biotechnologists, engineers, and healthcare policymakers.

Such interdisciplinary environment will allow us to discuss topics such as prevention of cardiovascular diseases, detection and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure treatment, and cardiac rehabilitation in the context of issues connected with personalized medicine and everything currently dubbed e-health (mHealth, eHealth). The conference will also showcase possibilities created by using new imaging technologies, interventional cardiology, and cardiac electrotherapy. A panel devoted to innovations in medical communication, patient education, and post-graduate studies involving the use of stimulators will certainly be interesting to a lot of participants.

Cardiology Innovations Day 2018 is a unique opportunity for the European experts to discuss innovations in the field. We would like to extend this invitation to all doctors interested in the use of new technologies in their daily practice. We would also like to invite engineers, scientists, and business professionals who will have a chance to present their achievements, as well as to learn about the practicing doctors’ needs and expectations.

New, innovative technologies in cardiology mean new opportunities that we would like to explore together with you!

Come to Wroclaw! It’s where science and technology meet to create innovative solutions that will be used in everyday clinical practice.

Professor Piotr Ponikowski and Adrian Szulczyński

Main topics:

  • Cardiology at the beginning of the 21st century - need for innovative solutions
  • Innovative Polish Products - potential, barriers and chances for the modern cardiology
  • Telemedicine for heart failure patients - need for paradigm change
  • Optimal "big data management" to enhance clinical performance in cardiology
  • Development in biotechnology and chances for modern cardiology
  • Non-invasive monitoring for early detection of atrial fibrillation
  • The Cath Lab of the Future: Imaging & Physiology

The conference registration will start on 30 January 2018. See you soon!


Conference Secretariat :

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